Our Therapy Offers

State-of-the-art therapies combined with the power of natural medicinal resources are the basis for the prevention and treatment of pain in the musculoskeletal system.

Healing moor applications

Moor baths have been used in medicine for hundreds of years. The healing mud from Garanas provides for certain body regions as a healing mud pack, as well as for the whole body as a moor bath or a moor suspended solid bath. The bog, with its abundance of bioactive plant compounds, is a valuable aid in physiotherapy, soothes pain and can be used for detoxification and relaxation.
Applied to the skin, the skin pores open to the activity of the healing moor. In cold applications, they have anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties. The Thermojet massage table is the perfect complement to physical well-being.


Physiotherapy restores, improves and maintains the movement and functioning of the human body. The therapist bases their treatment on the symptoms, function, movement or limitations of the guest. The goal is the recovery, maintenance and promotion of health and very often pain relief or reduction. The therapist decides the most suitable and effective therapy option for each individual guest.

Underwater therapy

In our underwater gymnastics, mobilisation, stabilisation, strengthening, coordination and even endurance are in the foreground. The physical properties of the training are used for physiotherapy and rehabilitation in many syndromes of the musculoskeletal system. In water, every muscle needs only a fraction of the energy to get going, so the exercises are effortlessly possible. Our underwater therapy is carried out by trained personnel in the in-house indoor pool in single and in group therapy form.


Body, mind and soul are addressed in our massage offer. Classic as well as innovative methods provide well-being and relaxation and ensure wellness and prevention.
In the sense of a wellness treatment and the principle of our health competence, the massages are performed exclusively on healthy people and do not replace a therapy or the activities of a doctor.

Wellness massage
Classic massage techniques relax the muscles and release blockages and tension. The use of aromatic oils makes it easier to eliminate waste products. The body feels light and well-warmed. The metabolism is stimulated and helps the body to heal itself. The fragrant aroma oils have a positive effect on body, mind and soul.

Reflexology massage
A gentle pressure point treatment on the soles of the feet sends reflex stimuli to the body organs and positively influences them. These stimuli release blockages and activate the self-healing of the body. The vegetative balance is stabilised.

Lymphatic drainage
By gentle manual gripping techniques, the lymph channels are activated in the body. Lymph drainage has a detoxifying effect and is supportive of relieving migraines.

Connective tissue massage
The connective tissue massage is a manual stimulus therapy that uses various skin, subcutaneous and fascial techniques. It normalises the tension in the tissue and local circulation increases stimulation of the internal organ systems and functions.

The acupuncture massage is an energy massage. Energy means life and is the prerequisite for general well-being and pain-free life. By regulating and releasing blockages on the meridians in the body, energy can flow unhindered again.

Segment massage
The segment massage has developed from the connective tissue massage and, like this, influences the internal organs. Here too, complaints about the reflections on skin, connective tissue and muscles are detected and treated.

South West Styrian back massage with honey
This back massage has a skin-regenerating, firming and smoothing effect. The honey protects against moisture loss, as it affects deeper skin layers. Enjoy the relaxing effect.

Electrotherapy/ Ultrasound

The targeted use of current forms at certain body points supports the strengthening of the muscles and muscle tension is loosened, thus relieving the pain. Edema or joint effusions can be absorbed by electrotherapy.
The waves in the ultrasound therapy increase the blood circulation in the tissue. It can also be carried out with electricity or medication.