Discover the pristine jewels of the Schilcherland in southwestern Styria

It is a special gem, this Schilcherland, nestled between the Koralpe and the Radlalm gorge, the national border with Slovenia. Nowhere else does alpine pasture, wine and pumpkin come together in such a harmonious way as in the Sulmtal-Koralm / Schilcherland region. Schilcherland is one of the smallest wine regions in Austria. Only in Schilcherland from Gundersdorf via St. Stefan, Greisdorf, Stainz, Bad Gams, Wildbach, Deutschlandsberg, Schwanberg to Eibiswald does the variety of the Blue Wildbacher grape find the best soil and the right climate to thrive excellently. The Schilcher wine trail connects all Schilcher wine farmers in Western Styria, which you better not visit all in one day.

Whether you succumb to socializing in one of the traditional taverns or want to explore nature in peace - the friendliness of the people and the charm of this untouched environment will enchant you.

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Exercise and Sport in the Schilcherland

- just right for you!

From the Koralm to the pumpkin fields, every view is a new experience. Lush alpine meadows, unspoiled nature, vineyards - getting to know the country and its people - on foot, by bike or on horseback - exercise - fun, revitalising the senses - all in a sunny location - in harmony with nature ...

Nordic Walking:
The longest Nordic Walking route in Austria begins with a network of over 200 km starting directly from the Schwanberg healing moor, to the varied paths through the forests and mountains around Schwanberg, which you can explore alone or as a couple. Step by step, everyday life fades away and you can enjoy the idyllic, quiet area. Of course we offer our guests the possibility to use our rental poles!

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Schloss Frauenthal Golf Course:
The gloriously located 18-hole course awaits you embedded in the picturesque area of the Renaissance castle Frauenthal and its surroundings. As a guest of our house, you can receive a green fee reduction! Tel.: 03462/5717.

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The Schwanberg Tennis Club offers its guests 4 clay courts with floodlights, which are located directly next to the swimming pool Schwanberg. Bookings and payment can be made at the tennis office from about 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (tel. 0681/10752327 ) and at the poolside counter (tel. 03467/8378 ).

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Cycle Routes:
Take wonderful cycling tours through the untouched landscape around Schwanberg. Whether a sporty challenge in the Koralm or relaxing roll in the Sulmtal - in Schilcherland nothing remains to be desired. Cycling maps and information are available at the Tourist Office Schwanberg. Tel.: 03467/8484 or at our hotel reception.

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Hiking Trails:
From vineyards to lush pastures and back - a hike around Schwanberg is just right for real connoisseurs. Hiking maps and information are available at the Tourist Office in Schwanberg. Tel.: 03467/8484 or at our reception.

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Prinzental fishing paradise:
In beautifully situated ponds you can fish for carp, tench, pike-perch, catfish and pike. Registration via Tel.: 0720/511566

Opening Hours:
Monday and Tuesday Closed
Wednesday to Friday, 15:00-20:00
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, 07:00-20:00
Night fishing only on weekends, from Friday to Sunday and before a holiday, and only with a reservation.

Horse Riding:
Swan Mountain Ranch, Schwanberg
Tel.: 0660/7661519;

Gestüt Kniely-Hof, Schwanberg
Tel.: 0664/2730141;

Reiterhof Kerschbaum, St. Peter i. S
Tel.: 0664/75084528

Pferdehof Jagamühle, Pölfing-Brunn
Tel.: 0676/5701270;

Reitclub Schloß Frauenthal, Frauental
Tel.: 0664/4599201;

Customs and tradition

Schilcherland is not an artificial world of experience!

A variety of villages which the community cares for and the coexistence is still in the foreground; these shape the image of the Schilcherland. So it is understandable that preserved here are various customs and traditions that run through the annual cycle and have become an indispensable part of the regional culture.
Let yourself be enchanted and get to know a region that presents itself to you in a genuine and unadulterated way. A good opportunity for this are various traditional and cultural traditions:

  • Corpus Christi in Schwanberg with traditional floral carpet
  • Solstice fires, in each case for summer or winter solstice
  • Wolfgangi Parish Faire at Gregorhansl
  • Emmausgang in Schilcherdorf Wernersdorf on Easter Monday
  • Maypole setup on 1st May
  • and many more